Sustainable Ag

Sustainable Agriculture and You

  • Make a difference in the world. Be part of one of the fasted growing fields in agriculture.

Farmers want to increase and diversify their farm income.

Consumers want sustainably raised food produced close to home.

Sustainable agriculture meets the needs of both farmers and consumers:

• Produces food for a growing population

• Protects the environment

• Supports healthy, dynamic communities.


Career Opportunities

As a producer or a consumer, you will learn to work with a food and farming system that incorporates:

• Economic viability,

• Environmental stewardship, and

• Social responsibility

Some careers this degree program prepares you for:


• Operate your own farm and produce high-quality, sustainably raised agricultural products for local, national, or international markets.

Sales and Marketing

• Food retailers

• Wholesalers,

• Cooperatives

• Direct-marketing initiatives

Potential employers include Whole Foods, supermarket chains, and producer cooperatives.


• Conservation

• Data and policy analysis

• Policy development

• Rural and international development

Potential employers include State Cooperative Extension and agencies within the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Non-Governmental Organizations

• Environmental issues

• Community and economic development

• Development of sustainable food systems

Potential employers include local, national and international non-profits, grassroots farmer and consumer organizations, and food security initiatives.